Akkey’s story starts in June 2019. Since that day, Akkey has been thriving.
Thank to our fast growth, Akkey has an active recruitment policy.
We are constantly looking for talented and motivated people to join our team!

Akkey lifestyle


Being part of Akkey means evolving in a dynamic and diversified environment.

At Akkey, beyond your technical skills, we bet on your personality and human values. We believe that the key asset of our company is to make each other grow by constantly sharing ideas, experiences, and points of view.
Because our peculiar spirit is our strength, we are looking for involved and passionate people sharing our values and ready to share this state of mind around them.

We are proud to count more than 12 nationalities, enriching our office life on multiple levels. We celebrate this diversity with language exchange lunches and other convivial moments.

Preserving your work-life balance

In life, one is not only defined by being a project manager, a contract manager, or a communication officer.  People are a multitude of things, and in that sense,

Akkey is made of PMO who are also musician and sport enthusiasts, or quality managers who are also food lovers and mum of two, spreading their passions and embarking our team on new journeys.

That is why we aspire for our team members to grow as individuals and not just as employees.

The Akkey Team is our best spokesperson

Here is how they define what Akkey is:

Our values


Joining Akkey means working for a company where respects is at the heart of every interactions.
We support our consultants in their growth and we foster diversity.


Staying humble allow us to listen and understand better. We value curiosity and people who do not hesitate to break silos.

AKKEY Values


At Akkey, our management is build around transparency. Trust is a key asset that makes us move together towards our goal as a team.


Sharing knowledge is a must within Akkey.
We also make sure to offer our employees pieces of training fitting their professional ambitions.

What we offer

Learning opportunities

Akkey is committed to ushering you in your personal growth. We propose internal and external trainings to develop your skills as a consultant

Pleasant working space

We want you to evolve in a warm and peaceful workplace environment. For this reason, we decided to settle down in a co-working space offering many different services among which a cafeteria (free coffee), sports gym, food trucks, scooter and bike at disposal

Flexible work

Trust is our grounding foundation. If you want to come work at the office, you are welcome whenever you want to. If you enjoy working from home, yes, you are allowed to as long as it is in line with our client’s requirements: we know how to keep in touch despite the distance!

Various contracts

Permanent contract, wage portage or freelance, it belongs to you to choose the best option, based on your requirements.

Friendly time

Sharing good vibes is how we live our work life. Throughout the year, Akkey organises events, so the team can gather and spend quality time. Please be aware: most of the time, no need to have breakfast at home, we love to share breakfast together… just so you know!

Workout buddies

We motivate each other to go to the gym during lunch break or after work. Bring new challenges in, because we are game on! You can also go to the gym in the office building.


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